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SSEO 2015

International Academy of Astronautics
10th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation
April 20-24, 2015
Berlin, Germany


Conference Program is available.


Berlin conference 2015 SSEO

Symposium summary with Eberhard Gill (General rapporteur), Rainer Sandau and Arnoldo Valenzuela


The great number of scientists, engineers, and managers who participated in the hitherto existing symposia reflects the high interest in the use of small satellites for dedicated missions applied to earth observation, from scientific earth observation missions to technology demonstration missions.

These types of missions can be conducted relatively quickly and inexpensively and provide increased opportunity for access to space

The spacecraft bus and instruments can be based either on optimized off-the-shelf systems, with little or no requirements for new technology, or on new high-technology systems. Thus a new class of advanced small satellites, including autonomously operating "intelligent" satellites may be created, opening new fields of application for scientific purposes as well as operational, public and commercial services.

The symposium will provide a forum for scientists, engineers and managers to exchange information about planned and on-going programs and missions, and present new ideas, covering small satellite mission objectives as well as technology and management aspects for dedicated earth observation satellites. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
Small Satellite Mission Programs
    International and national programs
    Planned and on-going programs
    Integrated applications
Objectives for Small Satellite Missions
    Scientific earth observation missions
    Systems for disaster and climate monitoring
    Technology demonstration missions
    Commercial services and applications
Mature (off the Shelf) Systems
    Sensors and instrumentation
    Spacecraft concepts and sub-systems
    Ground stations and communication
    Mission operation and facilities
    Launch systems
University programs
Distributed Space Systems
Results of Small Satellite Missions & Lessons Learned
Student Prize Paper Competition*)

The symposium will consist of
    Lectures by invited speakers
    Contributed papers selected from abstracts received in response to the call for papers
    Poster sessions
    Panel discussions and will include a technical exhibition to showcase hardware and posters

The official language will be English.

*) Please note: Students, who want to submit their abstract for the Students Conference need to prepare an extended abstract (4 pages)
(see Call for Student Papers,

Berlin 2015 conference SSEO

Rene Laufer, Arnoldo Valenzuela, Jaime Esper, Ramon da Silva Curiel and Rainer Sandau


May 15, 2014 Call for Papers
October 30, 2014 Abstracts Due
November 30, 2014 Notification to authors
December 15, 2014 Final Announcement
January 25, 2015 Extended abstract due (4 pages)
April 20, 2015 Final paper due (max. 8 pages)
April 20 - 24, 2015 10th Symposium
June 2015 Proceedings

Berlin 2015 Conference SSEO

Conference reception in Naturkundemuseum


To partially offset the cost of the Symposium, there will be a registration fee in the order of € 600 for participants registering by January 25, 2015.
After that date, the registration fee will raise to € 700. The registration fee for students amounts to € 190.

The fee will cover admission to the sessions, the symposium digest, a copy of the proceedings published after the symposium, coffee breaks and lunch. A social program for accompanying persons will be organized.

Registration forms will be placed end of November onto the symposium webpage as part of the Final Announcement:

Symposium and Program Co-ordinator

Matthias Hetscher (DLR, Berlin, Germany)
Phone/Fax: +49 30 67055-646/-532
E-mail: iaa.symp(at)

Local Organizing Agency

Dietmar Hennig (CMT ConTour GmbH, Berlin)
Phone/Fax: +49 30 20962-131/133

Berlin 2015 conference SSEO

The 6 finalists of the Student Prize Paper Competition, together with Sias Mostert and Rainer Sandau

Scientific Program Committee

Rainer Sandau, Chairman, IAA Technical Director, Satellite and Space Applications (Germany)
Hans-Peter Röser, Director, Institute of Space Systems, University of Stuttgart (Germany)
Arnoldo Valenzuela, IAA Commission Space System Operation & Utilisation (Italy)
W. Balogh (UN-OOSA)
L. Boloh (CNES, France)
K. Brieß (TU Berlin, Germany)
J.-M. Contant (IAA, France)
C. Elachi (NASA/JPL, USA)
E. Gill (TU Delft, The Netherlands)
A. Ginati (ESA)
S. Hardhienata (LAPAN, Indonesia)
P. Lier (CNES, France)
Y.-A. Liou (CSRSR, Taiwan, China)
L. Maresi (ESA/ESTEC)
S. Nakasuka (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
R. Navalgund (ISRO, India)
S. Neeck (NASA/HQ, USA)
M. Ovchinnikov (KIAM, Russia)
P. Patterson (USU/SDL, USA)
L. Paxton (JHU/APL, USA)
H. Reile (DLR, Germany)
Sir Martin Sweeting (SSTL, UK)
C. F. Varotto (CONAE, Argentina)
Y. Zhu (CAST, Beijing, China)

Program Committee

L. Alkalai (NASA/JPL, USA)
L. Fröbel (DLR, Germany)
W. Halle (DLR, Germany)
H. Jahn (DLR, Germany)
H. Kuiper (TU Delft, The Netherlands)
H. Müller (DLR, Germany)
S. Roemer (Astrofein, Germany)
A. Rogers (JHU, USA)
T. Segert (BST, Germany)
A. da Silva Curiel (SSTL, UK)

Call for papers

Call for papers was available.

You are invited to contribute a paper for presentation at the symposium. A one-page, single-spaced abstract of no less than 300 and no more than 500 words*) must be received by 30 October, 2014.

Abstracts should be in English and should include the symposium topic addressed, the problem explored, the methodology used, results and conclusions so as to allow the Scientific Program Committee to make an informed decision regarding their suitability for inclusion into the symposium.

Notification of your paper's acceptance and author's instructions will be sent by 30 November 2014.

One copy of the symposium digest comprising the extended abstracts (four pages) will be part of the registration package handed over when registering on-site.

Final papers for the symposium proceedings are limited to eight pages, including tables and illustrations. The symposium proceedings will provide the contributed papers and interactive poster session papers presented during the symposium. They will be distributed on CD/DVD to the participants after the conference.

Outstanding presentations of papers and posters will be awarded.

Berlin 2015 conference SSEO

Awarding the best paper and poster presenters

Technical Program


Session 1: Programmatics                                                         Monday, April 20, 2015, 10:30 - 12:20

Chair: J.M.Contant, IAA, France                                    Rapporteur: E.Gill, TU-Delft, The Netherlands

NASA’s Earth Science Program and Small Satellites

Neeck, S. P., NASA Headquarters, USA
IAA-B10-0101 (7MB)



Current situation in Russian space industry and Russian launch market

Gubiev, A., CST, Russia



Small Satellite Mission Program of the Technical University of Berlin

K. Brieß, TU-Berlin, Germany



AstroBus S, the high performance and competitive Small Satellites

platform for Earth Observation

Lelong, P., Lemercier, C., Cheganças, J., EADS, France



Session 2: Missions I                                                             Monday, April 20, 2015, 13:30 - 15:00

Chair: S. Neeck, NASA, USA                                            Rapporteur: H.-W. Hübers, DLR, Germany

The DLR-BIROS-Satellite for fire-detection and technological


Halle, W., Terzibaschian, T., DLR, Germany



The Earth remote sensing small satellite "ISS-55"

Vygonskiy, Y., Vilkov, Y., Yakovlev, A., Yakovleva, A.,
Valov, M.,Okhotkin, K.,Okhotkina, E., Russain 
Academy of Science, Russia



KhalifaSat mission overview

Al Marri, S., EIAST, UAE



The COSMOS Mission Operations System and its Application to the

HawaiiSat-1 Mission to Test New Remote Sensing Technologies

Sorensen, T., Chan. J., Nunes, M., Pilger, E., Wright, 
R., Yoneshige1, L., Univ. of Hawaii, USA



Session 3: Instruments                                                          Monday, April 20, 2015, 15:20- 16:40

Chair: L. Maresi, ESA ESTEC                                   Rapporteur: C. Underwood, Univ. of Surrey, UK

Compact X band Synthetic Aperture Radar on 100kg Small Satellite

Saito, H., Akbar, P. R., Ravindra, V., Pyne, B., 
Hirokawa, J., Ando, M., JAXA, Japan



An Optical Payload for Multispectral Observation of the Earth from

Small Satellites

Ferrario, I., Holbrouck, P., Rossi, M., Taccola, M.,
MLT, Italy



Ice-Cube: Spaceflight Validation of an 874 GHz Sub-millimeter

Wave Radiometer for Ice Cloud Remote Sensing

Esper, J., Wu, D., Piepmeier, J., Ehsan, N.,Racette, P.,



Using small satellites and instruments for an operational air

quality service 

de Goeij, B., van der Valk, N., Otter, G., TNO, 
de Groot, Z., ISIS, The Netherlands


Panel Discussion:

Entrepreneurship in Space                                                   Monday, April 20, 2015, 16:40 - 17:40

Chair: Sir M. Sweeting, SSTL, UK 



M. Bello-Mora, Deimos Space, Spain

R. Villain, Euroconsult, France

M. Krischke, CloudEO-AG, Germany

S. Mostert, SCS, South Africa

Sir M. Sweeting, SSTL, UK




Session 4: Missions II                                                                        Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 09:00 - 10:30

Chair: A. da Silva Curiel, SSTL, UK                                          Rapporteur: S. Mostert, SCS, South Africa

Kent-Ridge 1 – A high performance small satellite carrying a novel

hyper spectral instrument operating in the VNIR and SWIR range

Segert, T., BST, Germany
Hiang, G.C., Chaing, C.K., Swee-Ping,Y., 
Nat. Univ. of Singapur, Singapur



Small satellites for vessels and airplanes monitoring in JSC

“Russian Space Systems”: status and  perspectives

Romanov, A.A., Romanov, A.A., Tyolin, A.E. ISC Rss, Russia



Microsatellite "Chibis-M" (25.01.2012 – 15.10.2014) Results,

lessons and prospects

Klimov. S.I., Zeleyi, L.M., Angarov, V.N., Nazarov, V.N., 
Gotlib, V.M., Eismont, N.A., Dolgonosov, M.S. , Karedin, V.N., 
Novikov, D.I., Vavilov, D.L., IKI, Russia
Pansayuk, M.I., SINP, Russia, Korepanov, V.E., Dudkin, D.F., 
NANU-NKAU, Ukraine,
Fernecz, Cs., Szegedi, P., Space Res. Group of Eötvös Univ., 



TRUTHS-Lite: A Microsatellite Based Climate Benchmark  Mission

Underwood, C., Univ. of Surrey, UK,
Fox, N., Gorrono,J., NPL, UK



Session 5: Special Aspects                                                            Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 10:50 - 12:10

Chair: L.J. Smith, Leuphana Univ., Germany                                   Rapporteur: W.Halle, DLR, Germany

Production engineering a low cost video imaging constellation

Da Silva Curiel, A., Cawthorne, A., Penson, J., Sills, L.,
Sweeting, M., SSTL, UK



Update on legal and policy aspects of small satellites: Sustainability,

frequency interference, registration and ownership

Smith, L.J., Leuphana Univ., Germany



Key breakthroughs for future small satellite Earth Observation systems

Kuiper, H., TU-Delft, The Netherlands



Achieving Successful End-Of-Life Disposal in LEO

Krag, H., Lemmens, S., Bastida, B., ESA/ESOC, Germany
Metz, M., DLR, Germany




Session 6: Student Conference (special)                                     Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 13:30 - 15:00

Chair: M. d’Errico, Univ of Naples, Italy                          Rapporteur: R. Laufer, Baylor Univ. Waco, USA

A Regional Microsatellite Constellation with Electric Propulsion in

Support of Tuscan Agriculture

A. Papa, A. Bechi, S. Gregucci, P. Pergola, S. Marcuccio, Univ. of Pisa, Italy




In-Orbit Performance of the Pico-Satellite UWE-3

P. Bangert, S. Busch, K. Schilling, Univ. Würzburg, Germany




A novel Stare-based technique for ice edge sensing using spaceborne GNSS reflectometry

J. Tye, Univ. of Surrey, UK




Implementation of the Fault Tolerance Module in PHOENIX CubeSat

Chen, L.-W., Huang, T.-C., Nat. Cheng Kun Univ., Taiwan


CubeSat-sized Re-entry Capsule MIRKA2

Ehresmann, M., Behnke,A., Saumann, J.-P., Tietz, R., Franz, J. Galla, D., Grabi, F., Koller, M. , Rieser, J., Schöneich, V., Seiler, H., Siedorf, M., Univ. Stuttgart, Germany


HIRES: Holland’s Intelligence, Reconnaissance, and Earth Surveillance

B.J. Beckers, M.R. Haneveer, E.J. Hekma, J.B. van Ingen, D. Jimenez Lluva,  D.J. Kok, A. Krikken, J.W. Lopes Barreto, P.Mesgari, L.Z.F. van Rossum, A. Cervone, Ir. H. Khanbareh, T. Watts, TU-Delft, Netherlands




Session 7: Education                                                                   Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 15:20 - 16:40

Chair: E. Gill, TU Delft, The Netherlands                            Rapporteur: O. Koudelka, Univ. Graz, Austria

Results and Lessons Learned from the CubeSat Mission First-MOVE

M. Langer, C. Olthoff, J. Harder, A. Hoehn, U. Walter, TUM, Germany




CubeSat Atmospheric Probe for Education CAPE

Pagan, A.S., Herdrich, G., Univ. Stuttgart, Germany
Laufer, R., Baylor University, USA





The ESEO mission: current status and achievements

Bruzzi, D., Melega, N., Tortora, P., ALMA Space, Italy
Giuletti, F., Galeone, P., Univ. Bologna, Italy
De Luca, A., ESA ESTEC




PlanetaryProbe Design Workshop: Collaboration Hands-On Small Satellite Training for Engineering Students

Laufer, R., Baylor Univ., USA
Herdrich, G., Pagan, A.S S., Univ. Stuttgart, Germany





Poster Session I                                                                        Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 16:40 - 17:40

Current situation in Russian space industry and Russian launch market
Gubiev, A., CST, Russia


An Overview of Topology Control Algorithms in Distributed Satellite System
Chen, Q., HIT, China
Zhang, J., EPFL, Switzerland


Small satellite missions in developing countries, EgyptSat-1 programmatic aspects and lessons learned
Argoun, M., Kairo Univ., Egypt


etSat-4G: A Four Nano-Satellite Formation for Global
Geomagnetic Gradiometry

Noguiera, T., Schilling, K., Univ. Würzburg, Germany


A Small Satellite Mission for ISS Debris Collision Avoidance
Vina, L., Heimann, A., Huang, T.-C., Wu, S.-H., Juang, J.-C.,
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan


6DoF GNC simulation framework for multiple small satellites using COSMOS
Nunes, M. A., Sorensen, T. C., Pilger, E. J., Univ of Hawaii, USA


Dhruva-1: Jump starting India’s Satellite Industry with Earth Observation
Narayan, P. N., Sanjay, S. N., Abishek R., Dhruva Space, India


A systems architecture approach starting with Optical Telescope Assembly choices for small earth observation satellites
Westerhoff, T., Schott AG, Germany
Hull, T., Univ. of New Mexiko, USA


Receiver hybrid working regime for AIS mission small satellite
Kuznetzov, A.M., Romanov, A. A., Romanov, A.A., JSC, Russia


Process Development of Aspheric Metallic Mirrors for a High Resolution Optical Payload for Earth Observation

Arcangeli, L., Mazzolani, R., Pedrali, M., Spinelli, S., MLT, Italy


A Small Satellite Radar Earth Observation Mission with a Large Deployable Antenna
Nicolai, A., Eberwein, R. Raschke, C., Astro und Feinwerktechnik, Germany
Schmidt, T., Zajac, K., HTS GmbH, Germany
Reichmann, O., Lori, M., Schmidt, J., Ihle, A., HPS GmbH, Germany
Schraml, K., RWTH Aachen, Germany


PanelSAR, an affordable small satellite miniSAR radar in support of infrastructure surveillance
van Duijn, P., SSBV, The Netherlands


An idea to create a satellite with the capability to rescue
Phuong, V. V., VNSC, Vietnam


Optimization of a Star Recognition Algorithm for Miniaturized Star Sensors
Fischer, W., Balagurin, O., Kayal, H., Univ. Würzburg, Germany


The Validation of TET-1 Fire Observations
Borg, E., Daedelow, H., Fichtelmann, B., Jahnke, D., Renke, F.,
Schiller, C., DLR, Germany


Initial attitude Acquisition In-Orbit Results from ALSAT-2A Remote Sensing Satellite
Benzeniar, H., Kameche, M., NSA, Algeria


In-Orbit Results of ALSAT-2A Ground-Satellite Communications
Kameche, M., Bouanani, N., Henna, H., Boualem, N., Lassakeur,
A., Aroui, A., Messaoudi, N.,  Moulay, M., Derghal, F.,
Benzeniar, H., NSA, Algeria


A seamless mass-memory integration with the CCSDS recommended standards for an optimal Small-Satellite communication subsystem
Tsamsakizoglou, M., Stralsjö, S., Brolin, P., AAC Microtec, Sweden
Greif, F., DLR, Germany


High level software development for a standalone data processing and memory unit for a microsatellite hyperspectral payload
Domse, N., Horch, C., Schäfer, F., Buhl, M., EMI and BST, Germany


Werner, P., Starke, M., Gordon, K., Graf,A.,
Barschke, M. TU-Berlin, Germany


VIDANA – A Distributed Data Management Approach
Walter, T., Hilgarth, A., Mikschl, T., Montenegro, S.,
TU-Würzburg, Germany


SSCAM: Micro-satellite platform for Earth observation
Leomanni, M., Garulli, A., Giannitripani, a., Univ. Siena, Italy.,
Pergola, P., Petroni, F., SITAEL, Italy
Scortecci, F., Aerospazio Tecnologie, Italy,


A Service and Deorbit Module for CubeSat Applications
Schöneich, V., Grabi, F., Seiler, H., Baumann, J.-P.,
Ehresmann, M., Franz, J., Galla,D. Koller, M., Rieser, J.,
Siedorf, M., Tietz, R., Pagan, A. S.,
Herdrich, G. Univ. Stuttgart, Germany
Laufer, R., Baylor Univ., USA


CHEOPS mission: A low cost platform for Science
Borges, A., Montes, T., Cortes, D., Airbus, Spain


Flight Model Development of the Micro-satellite TSUBAME
Matsushita, M., Kawajiri, S., Nagasu, T., Kim, E.,
Miyasato, K., Suzuki, S., Tawara, K., Ohta, M., Ting, H.,
Kurita,S., Arimoto, M., Yatsu, Y.,
Moriyama, N., Kimura, S., Matunaga, S., JAXA, Japan


International Academic Platform for Space Mission Analysis and Design
Heimann, A., Miau, J.-J., Juang, J.-C., NCKU, Taiwan


Emerging Small Satellite Earth Observation Technologies at the Space Flight Laboratory
Ibrahim, N. S., Grocott, S. C. O. , Zee, R. E.,
Univ. Toronto, Canada


Universal Small Satellite Platform BIROS suitable for different payload accommodations
Halle, W., Amigues, X., Kotz, A., Schultz, C., Bärwald, W.,
DLR, Germany


PEASSS - a new design approach for success of cubesat missions
Celotti, L., Solyga, M., Pons Mora, I., AST, Germany





Session 8: Lessons Learned                                                    Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 09:00 - 10:30

Chair: J. Esper, NASA, USA                                                      Rapporteur: Z. Yoon, TU-Berlin, Germany

First results from the UK TechDemoSat-1

Da Silva Curiel, A., Liddle, D., O’Donovan, V., Unwin, M., Sweeting, M., SSTL, UK




Results on verification and validation of OOV-TET1 multispectral camera observations within the FireBIRD project

Frauenberger, O., Lorenz, E., Terzibaschian, T., Halle, W., Paproth, C., Wohlfeil, J., Säuberlich, T.,
Mitchell, S., Borg, E., DLR, Germany




Development of Miniaturised Radiation Environment Monitors for the TDS-1 Mission: MuREM/RM Flight Results

Underwood, C., Dyer, A., Hands, A., Ryden, K., Univ. Surrey, UK
Taylor, B., UCL, UK,
Rason, S., SSTL, UK




First results and next steps in Kazakhstan Earth Observation missions in cooperation with SSTL

Ten, V., Murushkin, S., Lambert, H., Ghalam LLP, Kazakhstan
Da Silva Curiel, A., King, D., Kadhem, H., Taylor, G., Sweeting, M., SSTL, UK




Session 9: Software                                                                Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 10:50 - 12:10

Chair: S. Montenegro, TU-Würzburg, Germany                   Rapporteur: H.Kuiper, TU-Delft, Netherlands

Increasing computing performance of ADCS subsystems in small satellites for earth observation

Carvajal Godinez, J., TU-Delft, Netherlands





Gordon, K., Graf, A., Barschke, M. F., TU-Berlin, Germany




Software Evolution from TET-1 to Eu:CROPIS

Maibaum, O., Heidecker, A., Gerndt, A., DLR, Germany




Resource sharing, communication and control for fractionated spacecraft (YETE)

Kempf, F., Schilling, K., Montenegro, S., Mikschl, T., Hilgarth, A., TU-Würzburg, Germany
Tzschichholz, T., Zentrum f. Telematik, Germany




Session 10: New Platforms                                                     Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 13:30 - 15:00

Chair: A. Rogers, JHU, USA                                                      Rapporteur: V. V. Phuong, VNSC, Vietnam

ESA’s OPS-SAT Nanosatellite Mission – A Laboratory in the Sky

Koudelka, O., Univ. Graz, Austria
Wittig, M., MEW Aerospace, Germany
Evans, D., ESA




InnoSat and MATS – An Ingenious Spacecraft Platform applied to Mesospheric Tomography and Spectroscopy

Larsson, N., Lilja, R., OHB, Sweden
Örth, M., Södermalm, S., AAC Microtec, Sweden
Köhler, J., Lindberg, R., Nat. Space Board, Sweden
Gumbel, J., Stockholm Univ., Sweden





Halaburda, D., Kavun, V., Maslyey, V., Moskalov, S., Shovkoplyas, Yu., YYSDO, Ukraine




The ESAIL programme

Buursink, J., Rouesnel, F., LuxSpace, Luxemburg




Session 11: Propulsion                                                           Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 15:20 - 16:40

Chair: I. Belokonov, SSAU, Russia                   Rapporteur: H. Adirim, Aerospace Innovations Germany

Adaptation and Optimization of the RIT-µX miniaturized Ion Propulsion System for small Satellites

Leiter, H. J., Altmann, C., Lauer, D., Kukies, R., Airbus DS, Germany




Electric Propulsion Microsatellites in a Versatile Constellation for Remote Sensing Applications

Gregucci, S., Pergola, P., Alta SpA, Italy
Papa, A., Maruccio, S., Univ.Pisa, Italy



MEPS: A Low Power Electric Propulsion System for Small Satellites

Misuri, T., Alta SpA, Italy
Waldvogel B., RAFAEL, Israel,
Di Cara, D., ESA/ESTEC




Development and testing of a milli-Newton high test peroxide monopropellant thruster

Cocomazzi, R., ALMASpace, Italy
Margesin, B., Fondazion B. Kessler, Italy
Modenini, D., Tortora, P., Univ. Bologna, Italy





Poster Session II                                                                    Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 16:40 - 17:40

Validation of a Low-Thrust Spacecraft Simulator for Earth Observation Missions
Pergola, P., Gregucci, S., Alta SpA, Italy
Bechi, A., Marcuccio, S., Univ. Pisa, Italy


Innovative Modular Propulsion Systems for Small Satellites   
Adirim, H., Kreil, M., Kron, M., Mitrofanov, A., Aerospace Innovation, Germany
Halle, W., Lieder, M., Bärwald, W., Babben, S., Terzibaschian, T., DLR, Germany


Verification of an Extendable Boom System for Nanosatellite Applications in Microgravity Environment 
Barschke, M., Weise, J., TU-Berlin, Germany


The “off the shelf” VES16 battery range    
Carre, A., Remy, S., Borthomieu, Y., Saft, France


Pre-Mission Analysis and Architecture Design of Electrical Power Subsystem for 2U CubeSat 
Sheng, H. W., NCKU, Taiwan


ESEO Power Management Board     
Tambini, A., Antonini, F., Tortora, P., Almaspace, Italy


CHEOPS thermo-mechanical architecture; downscaling SEOSAT platform   
Canay, M., Melendo, I., Airbus DS, Spain


Reconfigurable cryptographic subsystem for Cubesats  
Domse, N., Weber, M., Schäfer, F., EMI, Germany


Bezruchko, K. V., Davodov, A. O., Kharchenko, A. A., Nat. Aerosp. Univ., Ukraine


Liu, G., Gou, J., Bouwmeester, J., Schoemaker, R., Sundaramoorthy, P., TU-Delft, Netherland


Design of Satellite Passive Thermal Control System Using Inverse Solution of Governing Equations   
Akbarbeyglu, H., Ebrahimi, A., Khaniki, H. B., Univ. of Technology, Iran


Zimmerhakl, P., Langer, M., TU-München, Germany
Fagerudd, J., Ivchenko, N., Tibert, G., Royal Inst. Of Tachnology, Sweden


Himeur, A., CDS/ASAL, Algeria


A design method for the control system in the reuse of retired spacecraft antenna via linear matrix inequality approach    
Xiaoyu, L., Jinxiu, Z., Xibin, C., Harbin Inst. Of Tech., China


Russian Satellite System Providing M2m Services    
Kuzovnikov, A., Domanova, I., Danilov, I., JSC, Russia


Synchronously tracking multi-satellite based on spectrum monitoring using USRP    
Tsai, C.-H., Teng, A.-C., NCKU, Taiwan


Dual-Channel High Data Rate X-Band Transmitter for Low Earth Orbit Satellites      
Öncü, E., Tutgun, R., Özen, O. E., Dudak, C., Karakus, K., Örük, A., Baltaci, A., Space Tech. Res. Inst., Turkey


Practical Development of Future Ground Infrastructure for Satellite Constellations   
Schulze, R., Stoll, E., Haylock, T., Shahid, K., Blackbridge, Germany


Evaluation of a delay tolerant networking approach for  inter-satellite-communication in LEO for time sensitive traffic monitoring    
Freimann, A., Kleinschrodt, A., Schilling, K., Univ. Würzburg, Germany

Stephan, H., Scheuermann,B., HU-Berlin, Germany


OSIRIS Payload on DLR’s BiROS Satellite       
Schmidt,C., Brechtelsbauer, M., Rein, F., Fuchs, C., Lauterbach, A., Krutz, D.,
Sebastian, I., Lieder, M., Schrandt, F., DLR, Germany


A Quad-channel UHF Transceiver for TUBiX20     
Baumann, F., Brieß, K., TU-Berlin, Germany


Real-time precise orbit determination of the ESA ESEO spacecraft 
Avanzi, A., Locarini, A., Tortora, P., Almaspace,  Italy


Control force and torque sharing method for spacecraft cluster based on electromagnetic force
Hu, M., Fan, L., Wang, R., Academy of Equipment, China


Angular motion synthesis for remote sensing satellite 
Machtakov, Y.,


Overview of AOCS for Nanosatellites and Expected Short Term Evolution   
De Angelis, E. L., Giuletti, F., Modenini, F., Serrano, D., Tortora., P., Univ. Bologna, Italy


Adaptation of an Earth observation AOCS to an exoplanet characterization mission 
Lopez-Pina, A., Pizarro, A., Torres, L., Airbus DS, Spain


Performance evaluation of the miniature attitude control system iADCS   
Raghuprakash, S., BST, Germany
LeDang, H., Engelen, S., Monna, B., Hyperion Technologies, Netherlands


Development of Total Orbital Real-time Attitude control Simulator for Small Satellites
Toraya, T., Suzaki, Y., Hosoda, T., Sambe, M., Nishikori, S., Hoshika, M., Ogawa, T., Katayama, M., Mizutamari, H., Mitsubishi Precision Co., Japan
Aso, S., Kyushu Univ. , Japan,
Yasaka, T., Sakurai, A., QPS Institute, Japan


A New Actuator System for High Agility Demonstration with the Small Satellite BIROS 
Raschke, C., Terzibaschian, T., Halle, W., DLR, Germany




Session 12: Subsystems                                                            Thursday, April 23, 2015, 09:00 - 10:30

Chair: K. Brieß, TU-Berlin, Germany                                      Rapporteur: R. Kawashima, UNISEC, Japan

A Reliable On-board Data Handling System Design for Microsatellites

Zhu, L., Yu, X., Liang, J., Zhou, J., Bai, B., Northwestern Polytechnical Univ., China




Micro Earth Sensor with COTS parts for Commercial Air Conditioner

Hirako, K., Omoto T., Meisei Electric Co., Japan
Tachahira, H., Takai, M., JAXA, Japan
Imaizumi, O., Advanced Engineering Services, Japan




Will the future of hirel components be pure SCOTS or only SCOTisch

Leijtens, J., Lens Research, Netherlands




Appropriate Selection of Radiator Surface Finish for Optimal Design of Satellite Thermal Control Subsystem

Malekzadeh Fard, K., Akbarbeyglou, H., Sharavi, M., Univ. of Technology, Iran




Session 13: Communication and Ground Segment                    Thursday, April 23, 2015, 10:50 - 12:10

Chair: R. Laufer, Baylor Univ., USA                                                   Rapporteur: A. Rogers, JHU, USA

CCSDS Mission Operations services API on OPS-SAT

Coelho, C., TU-Graz & ESA




Experiment of 320 Mbps downlink from 50-kg class satellite

Fukami, T., Watanabe, H., Univ. Tokyo,
Saito, H., Tomiki, A., Mizuno, T., JAXA,
Iwakiri, N., NIICT, Shigeta, O., Nunomura, H., AI Electronics, Kojima, K., Shinke, T., Addnics Corp., Japan




Buy or Build – An Analysis of Ground Station Concepts for Small Satellite Missions

Schulte, J., Eilertsen, B., Krynitz, M., Kongsberg Satellite Services, Norway




Appropriate Selection of Radiator Surface Finish for Optimal Design of Satellite Thermal Control Subsystem

Malekzadeh Fard, K., Akbarbeyglou, H., Sharavi, M., Univ. of Technology, Iran




Session 14: AOCS                                                                      Thursday, April 23, 2015, 13:30 - 15:00

Chair: I. Belokonov, SSAU, Russia                                Rapporteur: T. Terzibaschian, DLR, Germany

Aerodynamically stabilized nanosatellite: Problems of design

Belokonov, I. V. , Timbai, I. A., Samara State Aerospace Univ.,  Russia




Pointing Accuracy and Stability Analysis of CMG Control for Nano-satellite “TSUBAME”

Kawajiri, S., Ting, H., Matsushita, M., Tawara, K., Matunaga, S., Tokyo Institute of Tech., Japan




Sliding mode control for three-axis magnetic attitude

Roldugin, D., Ovchinnikov, M., Penkov, V., Tkachev, S., Mashtakov, Y., Academy of Science, Russia




Attitude estimation, control and momentum dumping: a case study for CONASAT

Bringhenti, P. M., Carrara, V., Kuga, H. K., INPE, Brasil




Session 15: Missions III                                                            Thursday, April 23, 2015, 15:20 - 16:40

Chair: C. Underwood, Univ. of Surrey, UK                                  Rapporteur: W.Halle, DLR, Germany

ESTCube-1 student satellite in-orbit experience and lessons learned

Slavinskis, A., Kuuste, H., Ilbis, E., Pajusalu, M., Eenmäe, T., Sünter, I., Laizans, K., Ehrpais, H., Liias, P., Kulu, E., Viru, J., Kalde, J., Kvell, U., Kütt, J., Kahn, K., Lätt, S., Envall, J., Toivanen, P., Polkko, J., Janhunen, P., Rosta, R., Vendt, R., Allik, V., Noorma, M.,Univ. Tartu & Tallinn, Estonia, Finnish Met. Institute, Finland, DLR, Germany,





Tumanov, M., Teselkin, S, NIIEM, Karelin, A., TSNIIMASH,., Russia




Microsatellite constellation for Earth Observation in the Thermal Infrared Region

Bacci di Capaci, F., Melega, N., Tambini, A., Fabbri, V., Cinarelli, D., ALMASpace, Italy




Greenhouse Gas Monitoring with small Satellites at Airbus Defence & Space

Münzenmayer, R., Airbus DS, Germany




Symposium Summary/AWARDS                                          Thursday, April 23, 2015, 16:40 - 17:40



R. Sandau, IAA Symposium Co-Chair

E. Gill, Symposium Chief Rapporteur

International Academy of Astronautics