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Berlin Poster

For the presentation of the poster, you will be provided with a poster board of
0.92 m (width) x 1.46 m (length) and necessary means of attaching (pins).


At least one author needs to be available during the poster session to present the poster.

Prepare a title for the top of your poster, including author(s) and the name of your affiliation or society.


Keep in mind that the poster will be viewed from a distance. Use an appropriate size of letters.

The poster should describe the content of the illustration and the conclusions to be drawn from it.


Each illustration should have a heading or caption of one or two lines in large type stating the essential message. Detailed information in a legend in smaller type below may be provided.


You may prepare a handout on your poster so that conference participants who view it will have information for reference.


The two best poster presentations will be awarded.

International Academy of Astronautics